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Chanting is a means of raising energy, creating sacred space and performing magick. Pagan Music has many chants that relate to each phase of the ritual. There are (in general) five phases of a ritual, which are as follows...

I. Creating Sacred Space (Casting the Circle)

    II. Invoking the Elements

    III. Invoking Deity: Goddess and God

    IV. Main Ritual: Full or Dark Moon, Sabbat, etc.

    V. Closing and Claring: Great Rite, dismissing Elements, etc

There are chants that can be used during each phase of the ritual. These chants can create powerful energy where each member participates in the energy flow. The chants can be pre-composed well known or newly composed. Here is an example of chants that can be used during a Full Moon Ritual.

I. We Are A Circle Within A Circle

II. Air I am; Earth My Body

III. Goddess: We All Come From The Goddess- God: Hoof and Horn

IV. Full Moon Chant: She Changes Everything She Touches

V. May The Circle Be Open


Many other chants can be used at the different phases of the ritual. Such as other elemental chants (perhaps for different chants for each element). When invoking certain deity the chant sung can be specific to that deity, such as Hekate and Herne. Chants specific for a Sabbat can be sung during the main part of the ritual. Keep in mind the main purpose of chanting is energy flow and participation of every member in the ritual.

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