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Musical Instruments

Like the Athame, magick wand, staff, broomstick, crytal ball, and other tools of a Witch or Magickian, musical instruments can be used as a sacred magickal tool. Each instrument vibrates the tones of magick. These tone color of the musical instrument relates to a type of magick it can invoke. The magickal energy then relates back to an element or deity. The following is a list of types of musical instruments relating to an element or deity.




Drums/ Wood percussion Instruments: Element of Earth


Musical instruments such as drums, rattles, rhythm sticks, and tambourines invoke the element of Earth. These instruments can be used to perform magickal goals corresponding to Earth Magick and spells such as fertility, money, finding a job, and sending energy to the Earth. Wood percussions can also be used to invoke the element of Earth in ritual.


Wind Instruments: Element of Air



Flutes, Recorders, Panpipes, Oboes, Tin Whitles, and French Horns use air to produce tones. Therefore these instruments invoke the element of Air. You can use these instruments to perform magick that invoke magickal goals corresponding to Air Magick. Some examples of magick are to increase mental powers, increase visulization, and improve psychic faculities. These instruments can also be used during the invoking of the elmenet of air at the casting of a ritual circle.


String Instruments: Element of Fire


Violins, guitars, Lyres, harps, and other string instruments produce tones of passion and fire. These instruments can be used to invoke the element of Fire. Some magickal goals can be for sexuality, health, body strenth, passion, will power, change, courage, and love. Since it can be used to invoke the element of air during the casting of the circle, string instruments are great to perform dragon magick as well. String instruments, like the athame can be used to cast the circle at the beginning of a ritual.


Metal Percussive Instruments: Element of Water


Metal Percussive instruments such as finger bells, cymbals, sistrums, gongs, and metal bars are associated with the element of Water. These instrumentsd can be used in magick and spells such as healing, friendship, spiritual love, compassion, and happiness. These instruments can also be used to invoke mermaids, dolphins, and other sea creatures. A great place to use these instruments is during rites on the beach.



Instruments associated with Deity

Musical instruments are also associated with deity. In general Percussion Instruments (wood and metal) correspond to the Goddess. String and Wind instruments are associated with the God. This make with historical association with several instruments to deity. The Sistrum (metal instrument) is associated with Isis. Pan is associated with Panpipes (wind instrument) and Apollo has long been associated with the Lyre (string instrument). The bullhorn is well associated with the horned god.



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