Pagan Music Books

The following is a collative list of publications. The first list is songbooks that include music notation. The second list is Pagan Books that include songs/ music written in music notation. The final list is a collection of either books or articles that pertain to Pagan Music.

Some of these publishing are still available, while others are long out of print. These books can be found in various websites on the Internet. The out of print books can be found too at times on eBay or other scources online. A website address for those that can be found for purchase online is given next to some that are easily purchased.


Night Passageby Libana (

A Circle is Castby Libana (

Fire Withinby Libana (Out of Print)

Come Sing With Me: Songs and Chantsby Ellen Cannon Reed (out of print)

Wheel of the Yearby Gwydion Pedderwen (out of print)

Circle of Songcompiled by Kate Marks (

Songs for Earthlings: A Green Spirituality Songbookcompiled Julie Forest Middleton (

Circle Magick Songsby Jim Alan & Selena Fox (http://www.circlesantuary.comor

A Bard’s Pagan Songsby Hugin The Bard (out of printbut can be found at times on eBay)

A Winter Solstice Singing Ritualcompiled by Julie Forest Middleton & Stasa Morgan- Appel (

Voices of Earth: Pagan Songs and Chantsby Shanddaramon (


Books that include Music Notation: These books are pretty well known and found at most Pagan Book stores, Barnes N Noble’s, Borders, Amazon, etc.

The Pagan Book of Living and Dyingby Starhawk, M. Macha Nightmare & The Reclaiming Collective

Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditionsby Starhawk, Diane Baker Anne Hill

A Wiccan Bardoby Paul V. Beyerl

Complete Book of Witchcraftby Raymond Buckland

The 21 Lessons of Merlynby Douglas Monroe

The Lost Books of Merlynby Douglas Monroe

Books & Articles on Pagan Music

“Music & Magic” by Anne Hill (http://www.annehill.orgor

“Chants in Wiccan and Pagan Rituals” byAlfred Surenyan (Witchvox)

“Pagan Music: Finding Tradition Through the Chaos” by Alfred Surenyan

“Sustainability of Music in Paganism” by Alfred Surenyan

"The making of Songs for the Old Religion" by Dana Corby

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